Ao Dai

That’s short for best friend; Not boyfriend.

The lovely Bong Dung Muon Khoc actress was recently caught on camera while shedding tears of happiness at her best friend Kim Hien‘s wedding ceremony. Looking gorgeous in her simple pink Ao Dai, Tang Thanh Ha is always by her best friend’s side when the bride experienced anxieties during the pending nuptials.

Also spotted with Ha, though, is her “rumored love interest” from Singapore. While the falsehood/truth of these rumors  are still kept on the DL,  one can’t deny these two look great together.

Congrats to Kim Hien  for tying the knot! I wonder if Ha, herself, will be heading down the aisle soon?

Awww. (more…)

Dam Vinh Hung (far right) voted Male Artist of the Year by experts

But the other big winner of the night, Ho Ngoc Ha, happened to be a no-show. (more…)


On June 28, the final decision was made leaving most audience members present at the White Palace in HCM surprised. (more…)

I have been a huge fan of ABC Textiles, especially their new “short” style.   I have been blessed enough to have some of these pieces in my closet.  Hope I can have them all, but here’s a favorite out of my closet, also goes well with jeans… and comes in several different colors …  always a head turner. (more…)


The three-part competition of VietNam Supermodels 2009 ends with a catwalk in ao dai.  (more…)

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