Again. But now, with the hilarity meter above and beyond ‘ROFL’ (despite one teary moment).


It’s been a while since I’ve wholeheartedly laughed while watching 2!dol (pronounced Hi Idol) but alas, the show has finally succeeded. There were too many quirky moments in this episode to pass up–could this be the doing of a new writer? Whatever it is, keep it up: (more…)

…the last thing you’d probably expect them to do is crank out a totally random lipsyncing performance of Chi Thien‘s chart topper “Mot Lan Thoi”. But in DON & Chan Than San‘s case, that’s exactly what they did.

I pride myself on my ability to laugh at nearly everything and anything….. but this just wasn’t funny. It was a pretty legit fail, actually.

Lately, 2!Idol is seemingly in desperate need of a new script-writer/program planner/whatever you call those people that comes up with these little halftime ideas.

Popular internet comedian from  “Teen Vong Co” parody fame was recently featured on a quick segment of the the celebrity talk/gameshow - 2!Idol. Tis the Spring season, DON entertained audiences with a lipsync-ing performance of famous comedian Hoai Linh‘s already funny song,Ngay Xuan Vui Cuoi/A Happy Spring Marriage” in his “Ong Do” styled specs and ao-dai. Check it:

On a recent airing of 2!dol, Ung Hoang Phuc was the latest celebrity to fall victim to the show’s crazy trivias and challenges.  (more…)

Although Ngo Kien Huy & Dong Nhi are currently still reigning as Vpop’s cutest duet couple, I would have to say that rocker Trieu Hoang & Miss Teen 08 Huyen Trang are practically up to par with this couple’s chemistry. It’s just that Kien-Nhi’s chemistry is more of the “funny-cute” whereas Hoang-Trang’s chemistry is more of the “romantic-cute.” Either way, I love them all. Check out Hoang-Trang’s “romantic-cute” performance  of their duet “Yeu/Love” on the recent airing of 2!Idol:


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