Now, this, I’d like to see. O.O (more…)

So I guess it’s not limited to only female celebrities.

wanbi & sister mimi

Here are some more pictures from the game’s premiere party on July 29th. (more…)


Miss Teen 2009 has started accepting applications on June 1st, two months earlier than expected and the finals will take place in Saigon instead of Hanoi like past years.

Riding on the coat tail of Miss Audition, VTC Game – parent company of Miss Teen 2009 – have invited the media and past winners & contestants to a panel discussion called “Miss Teen Talk 2009″ in Hanoi to voice their experiences in these competitions.  The panel includes: (more…)

Here’s a segment of a Mother’s Day Special from last year featuring 3 Con Meo, an old school group, singing their most famous hit “Me Yeu/Beloved Mother“. Enjoy!


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