January 2009



On the 27th of January, the Brangelina Bunch were spotted in Narita Airport by paparazzis. The whole family traveled halfway across the planet just for pops to promote his newest movie, The Curious Case of of Benjamin Button.

It seems like Pax(real name Pham Quang Sang) is already very well adjusted into the family since his adoption from Vietnam almost 2 years ago.

What a family.


Midu(pronounced Mee-yoo), the lovely host of Showbiz, does a commercial for Kotex, a popular female necessity brand ;). (more…)

thuy-top-chan-than-san-123-shoppingBut what I’d rather write about has nothing to do with the spotted pair. (more…)

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Mai Phuong Thuy


I would just like to take a second to officially adopt the woman into my home country. Ksenia, I welcome you to stay as long as you like. 🙂

Miss Universe 08 celebrated New Year’s Eve with the rest of Vietnam in a formal Ao Dai during an event called “Thành phố vào xuân” on the night of the 30th(Lunar calendar) Tet. Not only does she wear the traditional attire, she looks absolutely stunning in it. But then again, she could wear a trash bag for all I care and still pull off “beautiful”.


Yeaaaa, just so you guys know.

I’m still not very clear on what it’s about even with the trailer and all those Vietnamese articles about it(although my Viet is quite limited), so there’s no personal opinions on it much.

Ok, maybe just that Baggio plays a “hotboy” and I mean, of course, he’s hot. Chi Thien is also looking attractive himself.

On the contrary, what is up with Minh Hang? The girl is just plain ol wierd looking. As for the whole movie itself, if it’s anything like the trailer, then I wouldn’t have much hope for it.

Anyway, here’s the trailer.

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