Thu Thủy, you either know her or you don’t. And if you don’t, then you might want to 🙂 . Here is a quick amateaur review on a few of my favorite songs from her latest album Candy 180. 🙂

For You.

I think the song is extremely “pretty.” Usually, I’d hate me some ballads, especially the Asian ones (oh the irony XD) but this is one of the better ones that actually managed to lure me in. The song is a slow R&B with a very defined pop music beat. I love the piano and her exaggerations of some of the words. It’s also one of the better songs that can show off her much improved vocals. To me, this song totally shines a different kind of light to the new world of Vpop.

Mang Bình Yên Về Cho Anh (feat.  Lương Bằng Quang )

Luong Bang Quang, *sighs* I give the man props for helping me discover Thu Thuy since it was from his epic self-composed hit single “Anh Tin Mình Đã Cho Nhau Một Kỷ Niệm” featuring Thu Thuy that first attracted my attention. From then on, Thu Thuy will probably be my one and only love (no homo) when it comes to ballads XD. Might I also mention that  the strategical addition of the song’s droplet sound effects is  just <3. Its solemn yet calm mood would be just perfect for a quiet late night drive. Not that I even have a car -__-. Just sayin’

Hang Mi Xe Cay

This song really starts off weird to me at first but when you get past that, Thu Thuy‘s crisp & clear voice breaks in… and as always, the song quickly makes a turn for the better. Again, her diction of some words, to me, were somewhat over-exaggerated but hey, she pulls it off (as expected). I love the low but kindof high bass in the background with a drum-like sound. It’s reminds me of some American song….that I can’t remember (lol, maybe that was better off not even mentioning..)

This review precisely consisted of a measly 3 songs since the rest of the album is mostly pop-ballads but I’d highly recommend you go ahead & do some self-searching in checking out this album as well as her previous ones…it’ll be worth it.