Supposedly, Francois Huynh Wong was having a hard time in his career. Wellll, his relationship is even worse. His new girlfriend not only has a daughter and was the 3rd mistress of some rich dude, she is also 15 years his senior! But it seems like they are in some deep lovin’ cause Francois was willing to leave the entertainment circle, and she was willing to leave the rich guy as well as give up the monthly ‘allowance’ of $80,000. Now, THAT’s love. -_-

I mean, he’s a hunk. And a talented one at that. With those credentials, he could have anyone he wanted. But the fact of the matter is, he chose Karen Lei :/, whose papi is persistently claiming that he sexually harrassed his 5 yr old grand-daughter(Karen’s daughter). Sounds like grandpaw just wanted to stir up some trouble. Or maybe he’s senile. God knows. o.0

The relationship between Francois and 2nd mistress of a rich guy, Karen caused an uproar, Karen’s ‘husband’ accused the both of them with 4 accusions, and Karen denied and supported her boyfriend!

Accusion 1: It was rumored that Francois sms Karen’s ‘husband’ and said that he could not satisfy his ‘wife’ in bed and the content was absurd.

Karen said: “I suspected that my ‘husband’ bought a new sim card, and asked people to SMS him, then accused Francois.”

Accusion 2: Karen’s ‘husband’ accused Francois of wearing only underwear and climbing onto his 5 year old daughter’s bed

Karen said: “There’s no such thing, I am my daughter’s mother, why would I not know what my boyfriend did to my daughter? Why would my daughter tell my parents about this if it didn’t happen, she was joking!”

Accusion 3: Karen’s ‘husband’ accused Francois of smacking his 5 year old daughter

Karen said: “That day everyone had a great time at the ice skating rink, if she (saying her daughter) don’t like, she won’t sit beside him!”

Accusion 4: Karen hit her parents

Karen said: “Got once because of Francois, my ‘husband’ came over to argue, my father went to add on, and I pushed him away, and asked him to mind his own business, but I did not hit him.”

But if you ask me(not that anyone would or anything), I highly doubt the accusations.

Some background info:

Francois is the winner of Mr. Hong Kong 06, his brother(Stephen Huynh) was a finalist for Mr. Hong Kong 05. Both were born and raised in France to Chinese mother and Vietnamese father. They are now living in China and are both currently actors for Hong Kong’s TVB.