After Phuong Linh‘s successful debut on the show Sao Mai điểm hẹn in 2006, the already popular singer is finally releasing her FIRST solo album.

The album is very sophisticated and of course, takes advantage of the favorite Vietnamese genre: jazzy slow love songs/ballads. Yeupp, plenty of that going on in this album. My personal favorite ,though, is the award winning song for best contemporary pop called Em Trong Mắt Tôi (You in My Eyes). Although I’d much rather the original version by Nguyễn Đức Cường, whose soft RnB voice suits the song just perfectly, Phuong Linh’s spin on it wasn’t too bad either.

Original by Nguyen Duc Cuong

Anyway, here’s the tracklist :

1 Sương Mai (Tomorrow’s Dew)
2 Bông Hoa Trắng (White Flower)
3 Em Trong Mắt Tôi (You in My Eyes)
4 Đôi Giày Trong Suốt (A Clear Pair of Shoes)
5 Cơn Gió Lạ (An Unfamiliar Breeze)
6 Tình Yêu Mãi Mãi (Love Forever)
7 Lời Em Sẽ Hát (The Voice I will Sing)
8 Quán Cũ (Old Cafe)
9 Tình Yêu Trắng (White Love)
Bonus Tracks:
10 Bông Hoa Trắng (Instrumental)
11 Cơn Gió Lạ (Instrumental)
12 Tình Yêu Mãi Mãi (Instrumental)