April 2009


So I’m usually not a fan of any Vietnamese-American singers that tend to dress close to nothing while “club-dancing” in cheap music videos, but I guess there’s an exception to everything. I’ve definitely overlooked this girl many times, seeing as to how she doesn’t really pop out amongst the other “sexy” concept singers today,  but the most recent episode of The Kristine Sa Show proved otherwise. Although I still might not listen to any of her songs or watch her badly produced music videos, I must say the girl displays a very charming and cute personality. Well.. no. The girl can definitely sing. It’s just.. Tinh Productions poorly manages their talents… minus that Vina Uyen Mi girl. ..she just doesn’t need to be managed. At all. (God forbid she actually passes by Vietchannel one day…….haha…………in that case, JK!) (more…)

So00o..This is basically a News vomit. It doesn’t get anymore random than this 🙂

1. Tang Nhat Tue (22), head of Tang Media–probably the youngest head of any music production ever, admitted to “liking” Gia Nhi (15). He also said that right now it’s simply “feelings” because Nhi is too young…

090419tangmedia15 (more…)

On the most recent issue of 2! Magazine, issue 138 to be realeased today in Vietnam April 28th, it seems like the main cast of “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc/Vietnamese Full House” were featured. Well.. the main cast minus Lam Truong. As shown from these previews, the special edition features Minh Hang, Thuy Tien, and Luong Manh Hai(more…)


The Celebrity Poker tournament (held in January) raised $72,000. Leyna Nguyen‘s Love Across the Ocean is using part of the proceeds to benefit families in Vietnam this summer, during a goodwill tour, which includes Can Tho, Hue, and Dong Ha. (more…)

Title says it all.

The half Vietnamese Hollywood actress whose résumé of ex-boyfriends I’d kill to have (Daniel Wu, Daniel Henney, Edison Chen,  Hidetosthi Nakata, & rumoured Justin Long, etc) previously revisited her mother’s home country for an exclusive Louis Vuitton photoshoot.  These photos were taken in Hanoi, Vietnam by renowned photographer Wing Shya, probably also to continue promoting the Louis Vuitton chain in Vietnam.

The classic photoshoot seems very nostalgic and gloom in manner, but beautifully done at that. Check out Maggie Q & her LVs wandering the localities of Vietnam.

“Dem Ngan Sao 2/ Night of a Thousand Stars 2,” just like its name, is a gathering of many HOT music stars in the world of VPop.  The list of stars includes Ngọc Sơn, Đan Trường, Cẩm Ly, Quang Dũng, Thanh Thảo, Hồ Ngọc Hà, Thùy Lâm, Phi Thanh Vân, Phan Đinh Tùng, Phương Uyên, Nhật Tinh Anh, Thủy Tiên, Thu Thủy, Bảo Thy, Wanbi Tuấn Anh, Đông Nhi, Ngô Kiến Huy, and many more. However, instead of covering who is at the show and what did they wear/sing, Here’s VietChannel’s exclusive gossip lines behind the show for everyone who couldn’t make it  ” ‘cuz you know it was CRAZY in Saigon that night!”



By the end of the year 2000 when music forums boomed, this was also a time when social networks rose to power. With that, the brunt of the fans online have also increased significantly, specifically the bashing fan-battles between My Tam vs. Quynh Huong, My Tam vs. Ho Ngoc Ha, Tra My vs. Phương Vy, Dan Truong vs. Dam Vinh Hung. (more…)

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