After many days of script-writing and casting, the 40 episode  long drama Những Thiên Thần Áo Trắng, roughly translated to White-Shirted Angels, directed by Lê Hoàng, is being the year’s most highly anticipated show in Vietnam. Since the finale of Boys Over Flower, many teens online are tying links between White Shirted Angels to the famous F4 dramas. I personally don’t see the similarities but I mean.. sure, whatever floats their boat and keeps it floating ;).

The team began filming April 4 in Saigon and is predicted to do about 5 more months worth of filming before its broadcast in August 2009 on Channels  VTV3 and HTV9.

The story revolves around 7 main characters, a group of best friends containing 3 guys, 4 girls and the setting takes place in a boarding school. The director wanted to recreate the perfect “dream school” much like that of Meteor Garden (except less extravagant). In it, even the teacher, played by Mỹ Duyên is supposed to be perfect.
Juli Miu (Anh Nhật) will be the character who just came back from England, and finds herself especially placed in a classroom with a group of 6 other students: Hùng (Thanh Hải), Bắc (Nam Cường), Nam (Tùng Lâm), Tuyết (Nhã Phương), Ngọc (classicgirl Midu), Mai (Mai Phương). It would be a hard task for Juli, the new student to win, over these unusually proud heads, but as the story develops, these 7 will become very close throughout their senior year of highschool.

Here are the first set of pictures from the first day of filming: