Also yesterday on the 16th, was the press conference of the highly anticipated show White Shirted Angels. Attendees included  director  Lê Hoàng, Mrs. Thu (Mỹ Duyên) & her 12A  class,  as well as supermodel Phi Thanh Van.

Van previously joined the cast taking on the role of the “dream school’s” principal.

It was also revealed that each episode of the show is a story on its own; more along the lines of a show rather than a drama.

The show will have no parental units, other than Juli Miu’s father. The kind of alternate reality that director Hoang is trying to create strictly revolves around the student’s school and social life so no parents will be included in the show.

“The school where taking notes is looked down upon, and extra summer courses  are only a joke. This is how it should be.” stated Hoang.

Sounds like the birth of a new reform. This is indeed how it should be. It seems like every time I go to Vietnam to hang out with my cousins, everyone’s taking summer school. Unlike in the States where summer school is only necessary for failing students, in Vietnam, students that have the money is obliged to take summer school to be on par with other students. It’s very unfair that even during summer, everyone is buried in books, memorizing and regurgitating information.

Now, on the topic of why the show called “The White Shirted Angels” are wearing pink uniforms. Director Hoang reveals that the title is only an implied metaphor where the color white represents innocence. What color the shirts are shouldn’t as much matter.