On April 18, Vietnam was able to walk down the red carpet for the third-year-in-running of the HTV Awards ceremony aired live on HTV9.

Before hand, selected reporters from 32 local newspapers in the city voted among five candidates in each category: male artist, female artist, music band, drama, comedian, cai luong (musical soaps/dramas) and cinematography. The nominee list provided by HTV is based on the frequency of artists’€™ appearance on TV and their contribution to HTV within the year. But the final say was by the audience who sent in their votes through SMS messages.

Winners were:

– Male Artist: Đan Trường
– Female Artist: Hồ Ngọc Hà
– Group: Mây Trắng
– Most Friendly: Hồ Ngọc Hà

– Actor: Lương Thế Thành
– Actress: Thanh Thúy
– Supporting Role: Lê Khánh

– Comedy: Phương Dung
– Cai Luong: Thanh Ngân
– Standup Comedian: Thanh Thúy

Now. Let’s get down to the important business– The fashion hits and misses.

First off, Ly Nha Ky from the movie “The Beloved Women and the Great Men” and one of the 5 nominees for Favorite Leading Actress.

Not bad. Purple is definitely a hard color to pull off so kudos to her.  Oh and another one for the classic curls and makeup.

Actress Thanh Hang from the movie “Kiss of Death” literally made me go “Jesus Christ Superstar” for the 2 time in my entire life; first time was when I saw this. ANYWAY, all she needs now is a gigolo prop, and her pimp lady costume is guaranteed to take first place in any Halloween contest.

Former Vietnam Idol, Phuong Vy, is only a “semi-miss”.  Although her teal bohemian looking leather dress is a tad inappropriate for the event, the lady can definitely wear a trash bag and still look beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, model-turned-popstar Ho Ngoc Ha, nominee for Favorite Artist, is definitely pro at that. With this ambiguous ensemble, Ha pulls off the sophisticated look nicely. Just lose the ugly patterned clutch and it would be perfect.

Although not a fan, singer-turned-actress Minh Hang from “Saving the Angel of Death“, is my personal fave of the night. Something about the white elegant gown and her soft make-up made her look very ethereal. Even the Marge Simpson hair is working there.. o.O

And then there was Dan Truong, a nominee for Best Male Singer, who never fails to disappoint with some kind of tacky “costumy” suit. The tux’s cut and tailoring is just horrendus! Seems like he should’ve showed up with Thanh Hang instead. They’d have a definite shoo-in for that costume contest.

…And everywhere that Mary went…the lamb was sure to go.

Although, this lamb Johnny Tri does look rather dashing in that clean cut suit. Dan Truong should take a number or two from the lamb.

As for Mary Ngo Thanh Van.. gorgeous dress, bad fitting. The top section looks too constricting and the middle line just looks off. Really now, there are better ways to make a cleavage.

Actress Thanh Thúy from TV series “Cô gái xấu xí/Ugly Girl, also nominee for Favorite Leading Actress, proves that you can still work it even with a fetus in the belly. Well, the dress is pretty.. at least all until the lower half where the mermaid finish just looks like cheap yellow curtains.

Here’s another MISSerable miss. I don’t even much know how to explain this getup by girl-group, May Trang. Is this what you would call Shakespearean style? God forbid there’s really such a thing anymore. Those frills need to be outlawed. The End.

Except not really. Here are the rest(not ‘all’) of the stars that attended the ceremony: