The Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain revisited Vietnam yet again on the last episode of No ReservationsBourdain fell in love with Vietnam the first time he visited it and likens his feelings to “when you meet the love of your life for the first time.” Bourdain’s book, A Cook’s Tour, is often called his love letter to Vietnam.

In April 2005, for the Financial Times, Anthony wrote, “A year from now, I plan to live here. I will move to a small fishing village in a coastal area of Vietnam near Hoi An. I have no idea what I’m going to do there, other than write about the experience. I plan only on being a visual curiosity, the lone westerner in a Vietnamese community; to rent a house, move in with few, if any, expectations and let the experience wash over me. Whatever happens, happens.”

Despite his love for Vietnam, Bourdain apparently hasn’t gone through with his plans yet, which may be due to not only his new marriage and baby, but also the success of his show “No Reservations,” for the Travel Channel.

Whether he is really serious about moving there in the future or not, it really reminds you of how great Vietnam is. Great food, beautiful scenery, and a rich history. I(from Nha Trang) find myself feeling very proud when I see Vietnam on a national stage in such good light. For a long time Vietnam has been over shadowed by stories of the war, but perhaps it’s time for the country’s rich culture and beauty to take the stage.

(Source: ThingsAsian)

Speaking of great food….here’s a mouth watering souvenir 🙂

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