Lieu Anh Tuan is back with his sophomore album, Mặt Nạ (Mask), following the release of his last album, Lieu Anh Tuan Vol 1 back in 2008. This is essentially a modern Pop and Hip Hop album as it contains 10 tracks composed and produced by Đức Trí, Gremlinh, Hồ Minh Phúc, Bảo Lân…and a collaboration with Rapper Quân Rapsoul. The Album premiered to a busy press conference on April 7th and was officially released nationwide on April 20, 2009.

I think the highlight of this album is the collaboration of rapper Rapsoul, and top composer Duc Tri. I also heard this was a big budget album project, so let’s hope it’ll be a success.

Full Name: Liêu Anh Tuấn
Birth Place: Ho Chi Minh City
Date of birth: September 15
Height: 1m70 [5’6]   Weight: 136kg
Family: Father, Mother and Older Sister
Goals: Becoming successful; travel to all favorite places
Hobbies: Singing, Listening to the Music, and Travel.

01 Bình Yên Những Giấc Mơ / Safe & Sound Dreams
02 Sợ / Afraid
03 Suy Nghĩ / Thinking
04 Không Lối /No Ways
05 Đã Có Lúc / There Was a Time..
06 Đôi Mắt Xanh / Green Eyes
07 Rồi Một Ngày / Then One Day..
08 Có Lẽ / Perhaps
09 Mặt Nạ / Mask
10 Nào Em Có Biết / Did You Know

Watch the newly released videos:

08 MV

05 MV

09 Comeback on Thế Giới Vpop XI