Recently, pictures of an unexpected “rocker” have surfaced the web garnering much attention for his looks as well as talent. Tony, the non-stereotypical rocker, is Titanium‘s current drummer and newest member. And you thought all rockers in Vietnam had to be sweaty, long-haired, and unattractive didn’t you?

Born as Nguyen Quang Nhật in 1990, the 19 year old is gradually rising into stardom in the world of V-Pop Rock. Actually, the genre V-Rock itself, is a rising genre in today’s world of V-Music, popular amongst old & young listeners  alike. Anyway, back to Tony, who is still a business-major student currently attending the Faculty of Economics & Law University in Saigon. Here’s what he had to say about his first time setting foot into the industry:

It seems like Titanium was not the first band you were part of?

Right, the very first band I was in was Suong Mu/Fog, which was way back when I was little & living in Dalat. Back then, my family opened a rock bar and all my siblings loved to listen to the music, so we all went to learn & formed a band. We were a bunch of kids none past junior high, each learning how to play a different instrument and practicing together. The youngest played keyboard, so we had to bring candies & toys to trick him into practicing with us. As for me, I chose the drums; I was only in 6th grade!

It must be hard for you guys, so young, to learn these difficult instruments right?

Well I didn’t really find it too difficult, maybe because I had a bit of talent and a big passion. It was a little awkward at first trying to train my hands & feet to be on beat but after about a month, I got the hang of it and began building on. From the day I had set my mind on playing the drums, I never found it hard, just that I lacked that specific experience and knowledge, so I always kept practicing.

So how did you really get in Titanium?

At first, Suong Mu/Fog was already popular in Dalat, so we would come down to Saigon to perform.  With this, I got the chance to meet some band members from Unlimited, Negative, Black Infinity… When I came down to Saigon for school, Titanium’s drummer had just moved to the States, so Black Infinity introduced me to Titanium’s leader Cuong Em who gave me the opportunity to join. At first, it was a little awkward, but now we’ve gotten to know each other well and performed many shows together. At this year’s Rockstorm, when all the bands came together to perform, we really stirred it up, it was fun & memorable. We’ve gotten pretty close…on free days, I and the others would drag each other out to drink, play soccer, billiards, video games… etc.

On your blog, there are many pictures of dogs..

Ah, those are my babies. They were bought from Russia brought over with passports, birth certificates, and everything. These 3 are Siberian Huskies named Viva, Max, & Lapka. These are the names I simplified; the ones on their birth certificates were too hard to pronounce. My whole family likes dogs, especially my old brother, so of course I caught on to it. My house in Dalat is better for them because the climates pretty cool there; Saigon on the other hand is practically impossible for them to live.

But it seems like your love for Rock & dogs are totally irrelevant to your majoring in Economics?

Those are more considered my hobbies and passions. In order to nourish my likes & follow my goals, I would first need a stable career. I’m studying economics because I’m interested in business management and of course, I also want a secure future so that I can continue chasing my dreams.

And what are your dreams?

To get the chance to participate in a Rock show with many famous bands from different countries so that I can learn & test my skills!

A number of concerts Tony participated in:
– Ca Vang 5, Metal Night 1,2,3,4 (Sương mù)
– Titanium
– Halloween
– Phác Thảo 3
– Metal Rainbow 4
– Dark Night
– White Rock (Hà Nội)
– Festival lướt ván thế giới/Kayak World Festival (Vũng Tàu)

Rock Storm Cần Thơ, Biên Hòa, Sài Gòn

Source: Hizo