Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh, the well-known PH.D. physicist turned director is ready for his next project: “Khi Yêu Đừng Quay Đầu Lại/Don’t Turn Around when in Love” a story about a girl who loves dancing but turned to the world of exotic dancer and fell in love with a saxophone player. A story about adventure, romantic love and of course, some hot scenes. There’s also a twisted ending where the dancer discovers that the place she works at is bringing back dead people…(*cough *cough) The script itself won Vietnam’s Department of Cinematography in 2006 and the director has mentioned that the movie is well-fitted for teenagers. With the rise of “hot girls” and “hot boys” in Vpop today and with such a provocative role, who do you think should be cast as the main lead for this movie:

So I guess these “hot” pictures of recent stars can be considered as unofficial casting calls. Winning script, winning director, who is the winning actress? Who’s interested? We’ll try to keep you updated as the movie is scheduled to release sometime early next year.

Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh is best known for the movie “Mua Len Trau/Buffalo Boy,” which is Vietnam’s official entry for Best Foreign Language film for the 78th Academy Award in 2006. This was a great movie that traces in rough times of the 1940s. HIs new project is definite a stray from his typical style, but as an UCLA alumni myself- he, too, graduated from UCLA-, I’m so proud of his work and seeing his success. I had a chance to hear him talk at the first VIFF at UCLA and then again during the release of “Mua Len Trau” in the US. I hope he’ll be successful because that’s when I will start cashing in my signed copy of his movies.  It’s also encouraging to hear that oversea directors are bringing their talent back to the motherland.  I have faith that the Vietnamese Entertainment community will grow and hopefully be a force to reckon with in Southeast Asia.

P.S. He also has a sister, Nguyen Vo Thu Huong, who teaches Vietnamese diaspora at UCLA.