So00o..This is basically a News vomit. It doesn’t get anymore random than this 🙂

1. Tang Nhat Tue (22), head of Tang Media–probably the youngest head of any music production ever, admitted to “liking” Gia Nhi (15). He also said that right now it’s simply “feelings” because Nhi is too young…


2. Gia Nhi is the only girl in the band X3.14. Nhi was born in 1994. The other 2, Quan Bin & Malai are ’92-ers. The name X.3.14 was coined from a blogger at their first PR activity; X = unknown, and 3.14 = Pi. This is to represent their mysterious & fresh concept. (That’s right, always take advice from a nerd. They’ll rule the world one day.)


3. Tang also used to date Hạ Hồng Vân and Lưu Đê Ly, both of which were in the (disbanded) band Biến Tấu/Variation.


4. Variation was a band under Tang Media created & managed by Tang Nhat Tue. The original band members included Hạ Hồng Vân, Tăng Ngân Hà(1989) and Lưu Đê Ly. Ha Hong Van was invovlved in many other projects & became too busy, so she dropped out. Instead of studying abroad, Linh 3B (3=Ba + B = Bab = Babe = Linh Babe??) decided to stay & take Ha Hong Van’s place. Bien Tau was disbanded before any albums were made, though they did have singles.

Linh 3B, Ha Hong Van, Tang Thanh Ngan, Luu De Ly

5. Hạ Hồng Vân(1992), aka Chit, was the main character in the 26 episode long drama “Chit & Pi“.


6. Tang Nhat Tue, Luu De Ly, & Thuy Top were also in “Chit & Pi“. This was Top‘s first time acting.




7. Luu De Ly, who got the nickname Lee BaLan since her casting in “Tamagotchi” (BaLan=Poland), is a Viet singer, model, actress, fashion designer etc. She was born Sept 27, 1991 and is 1.70 m tall. She also participated in films like: Chit & Pi, Men Say, 20 Tập.


8.“Tamagotchi” is an in-production foreign movie filmed in Warsaw, Poland by production companies Opus Film(Poland) & Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP). When a boxer is seriously injured in a fight, he initially finds it hard to accept that he must end his career. In order to take his mind off the prospect, he plunges into a life of drinking in late-night bars. Hope emerges when he realizes he wants a child. He finds a Vietnamese woman who is willing to carry their child if he guarantees her Polish citizenship.

Luu De Ly


9. Ex bestfriends, Thuy Top and Hoang Thuy Linh, now hate each other. Tang Nhat Tue, who used to be close to both, is trying to amend their friendship. So far, it’s not working.



10. Top and Thuy Linh‘s friendship go way back to before Top was famous and Thuy Linh was only newly famous with “Nhat Ky Vang Anh/Vang Anh’s Diary”. Top gradually built her way up being a stylist and model. After Thuy Linh rose to fame with her sex scandal,  Top and Tang Nhat Tue helped her get through her tabloid days. In an interview with Thuy Top, she reveals that Hoang Thuy Linh is a traitor and backstabbed her by badmouthing her behind her back. Someone texted Top this news.


11. More drama arose when Hoang Thuy Linh “plagiarized” her photoshoot.



12. Đăng Hoàng, also from the infamous drama “Vang Anh’s Diary” as Nam, is the brother of Tang Nhat Tue.


13. He is currently in the drama “Mặt nạ hoàn hảo/Perfect Mask” starring alongside Huyen Baby & Mai Chi-– the 2 most predicted winners for Miss Teen 08 (the unexpected result crowned Huyen Trang winner instead). “Perfect Mask” is directed by Nguyễn Tiến Dũng, also Vang Anh Diary’s director.




14. Now, the only members left under Tang Media is X3.14, Linh 3B, and Tăng Ngân Hà.

The End.