On April 30/May 1st, singer Bich Thao celebrated her nine years in the business with a mini liveshow.  Bich Thao is known for her rendition of traditional/country songs.  The guest list includes Chi Tai, Hoai Linh, Huu Loc, etc… HOWEVER, the biggest guest on her list is actually the youngest one–Hoài Lâm, the 14-yr-old son of the comedian/singer/actor Hoai Linh.

Years ago, there were rumors about Hoai Linh and his sexuality.  Ever since he so convincingly transformed into a beautiful woman in many of his shows (see below), he has been thought to be a transvestite.  Despite many rumors about him, no one can deny his incredible ability as a comedian, and he has surely been recognized overseas and within VietNam.  When speaking of comedy, who doesn’t automatically mention Hoai Linh? I guess no one can comment on his sexuality now.  He has proof ya’ll!  His wife’s name is Thanh Huong and they were married since 1996.  He once said that he sometimes wears his wife’s dresses/ao dais for his performances.

As for Hoai Linh’s younger brother, Duong Trieu Vu, he is currently the main staple of Paris-by-Night.  He was introduced to the industry by his brother and was ultimately rejected by Van Son Productions.  However, he landed a bigger job, the motherload: Thuy Nga/Paris-by-Night and has a permanent status in the show.  He is popular for his fresh, sometimes “boyish” look but a mature smooth voice beyond his age.  He resembles Chi Thien from A#/La Thang.  His popularity has spread in VietNam with the establishment of Duong  Trieu Vu’s FanClub which held its first meeting on 4/30/09.

For the youngest one in the clan, this is the only picture of the young Hoài Lâm. At Bich Thao’s concert, he sang “Sa Mưa Giông” by Bắc Sơn and was complimented with a sweet voice, unlike his father.  Nevertheless, his son seems to have the looks and the talent to be the next “hotboy” in the Vpop world.  And with the name like Hoai Linh attached, he is sure to cause a stir.

If you didn’t make the connection yet, that means he is the nephew of the Paris-by-Night singer Duong Trieu Vu. Seems like the boy takes on his uncle’s good looks and his father’s singing genes.  Maybe we’ll see him on Thuy Nga one day.

Last note: Since he’s only 14, doesn’t he have school to attend to ?

“Please excuse my child for his absence, he had to participate in a show across the Pacific, please contact his manager for more information.”

Here is an old skit from Van Son Productions featuring Hoai Linh:

Also, here’s another video showcasing his singing from Cam Ly’s 15th-year-anniversary liveshow. Despite his hilarious breakout in Phim Kiem Hiep dialogues, the man can definitely sing: