Last month, Phuong Vy revealed that the album was to be due sometime in April, but that obviously didn’t happen did it?

The latest update I’ve gotten from the idol is that the album’s released date is confirmed for sometime in early May(this month) and that she was still finishing up a music video. Whether the video is done  shooting and fully ready or not, we’re all pretty much left in the dark. Here are the little things I DO know though— the album consists of 10 song, 4 of which are written by Music Faces (Phuong Vy’s company; also Lieu Anh Tuan‘s company) so there are high expectations seeing as to how Lieu Anh Tuan’s MVs last month did exceptionally well. Also the video is directed by Nguyễn Quang Dũng and will look a little something like this: