After a two years hiatus, Hiền Thục is making her comeback with a 9-song compilation from the famous song writer Trinh Cong Son (the Bob Dylan of Vietnamese music).  The album, “Portrait 17,” is named for a portrait Trinh Cong Son did of Hien Thuc in an occasion when she visited his house.  Even though Trinh Cong Son titled the painting “Portrait 17,”  it is unknown if it was his 17th painting or the picture of Hien Thuc when she was 17.  In any case, no one has seen the painting since Trinh Cong Son did not give it to Hien Thuc.  According to her, since the portrait was done on canvas, Trinh Cong Son wanted to let it dry and she never saw it again.   On the other hand, the album contains portraits of Hien Thuc done by Dung Yoko.

With this album, Hien Thuc has become another singer in the endless list of singers who is constantly covering Trinh Cong Son’s music.  However, the selections from this album does consist of not-so-well-known songs from Trinh Cong Son. Previously, Hien Thuc has been praised for her rendition of “Con Tuoi Nao Cho Em/What Age to Give You,” and she has included the track in her album as a bonus track.  She wanted to release the album as a gift to her mother on Mother’s Day (5/10) since her mom is a fan of Trinh Cong Son’s music.  The album is released under Gia Bao Productions (which is the name of her daughter).

Tracklist “Chân dung 17 – Portrait 17” – Hiền Thục

01. Còn có bao ngày/How Many More Days

02. Chiều trên quê hương tôi/Afternoon in My Country

03. Về trong suối nguồn/Return to the Origin

04. Rừng xanh xanh mãi/Forever Green Forest

05. Níu tay nghìn trùng (Feat. Tùng Dương)/Holding Hands Across Thousand Miles

06. Cuối cùng cho một tình yêu (thơ: Trịnh Cung)/The End of Love

07. Muôn trùng biển khơi/Across The Ocean

Bonus Track:

08. Đoản khúc thu Hà Nội/Song of Autumn in Hanoi

09. Còn tuổi nào cho em/What Age to Give You

A little gossip line about Hien Thuc: She originated from Nha Thieu Nhi Quan 1/District 1 Childrens’ Center, which is the birth place of many singers in her generations.  She made headlines a few years ago by becoming a single mom to her daughter Gia Bao whom she had with Tuan Thang, a song writer, drummer, and leader of the band Saigon Boys.  Tuan Thang was her manager in her early days in music industry, however, they never got married.  Tuan Thang ended up marrying the  President of Thanh Thao’s FanClub, Mai Thanh, and Hien Thuc became a single mom. Gia Bao is now 7 and entering second grade.  It is obvious that she and Tuan Thang no longer has a relationship and Gia Bao probably does not see her father often.

Hien Thuc and Gia Bao

I believe Tuan Thang is on the far right with the highlights
I believe Tuan Thang is on the far right with the highlights

Now here are the pictures from her albums: