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So it seems that VietChannel @ WordPress is so popular that Vietnamese people are translating our pieces of news.  It’s kind of silly if you ask me.  I take news in Vietnamese and translate them to English and here, someone from Vietnam is translating my piece of news.  We’ve come full circle.  The truth is, here at Vietchannel

We’ll scourge the internet regularly for fun and up-to-date(hopefully) news relevant to the whole “Vietnamese” subject matter…

Most of it is gossip and news that I find on the internet.  However, I think it seems that I have made a little mistake (or so I think).

A while ago, I posted something on Hoai Linh and his son Hoai Lam: CHECK IT OUT HERE.  It is a translation from an article taken from Zing.vn (CHECK HERE FOR ORIGINAL VERSION) and it is widely circulated on Baomoi, XaLuan,TheGioiDIenAnh, etc…  However, it seems that I have made a mistake.  Hoai Lam might not be the “real” son of Hoai Linh as the article have stated.  According to Hoai Linh Hoi/Hoai Linh Fan Club, it seems that Hoai Lam is only the adopted son of Hoai Linh.  And I guess my article have made them furious, since I help perpetuate this “incorrect” piece of news.  Now, I have neither heard a retraction from Zing nor an actual statement from the fanclub that indeed Hoai Lam is only Hoai Linh’s adopted son.  So for now, I will keep the article as it until another source more creditable than Zing can tell me otherwise.  If you know anything, let me know!

However, if you are interested in the Vietnamese-translated version of VietChannel’s article posted on Hoai Linh Fanclub: CHECK IT OUT HERE.