Popular Vietnamese teen idol Toc Tien (literally meaning Angel hair), known for her sophisticated and soulfulvoice (and for the irony in her name with her naturally frizzy hair–yes I know she was really named after the flower  “Toc Tien” but the irony is in its literal translation) , is currently studying abroad here in the States. Tien says that she has already put off this plan twice(in 2007 & 2008) since she started highschool due to important bookings that wouldn’t allow her the convenience to leave, but as she and her parents have once again talked, they’ve realized her education couldn’t wait any longer.

On February 19th, 2009, Tien packed her bags for San Francisco, CA.

Toc Tien and her dad in California

Currently, she is attending Pasadena City College in Los Angeles, CA working towards acquiring a Bachelor of Science for Medical school. After 4 years, she would proceed to transfer to possibly UCLA majoring in medicine or dentistry.

“I chose Medical School but singing chose me,” Tien once said. She also said that education is very important whereas her singing is more of a hobby. But because this hobby of hers has become so passionate, of course she will continue to sing on the side, outside of school hours. Tien revealed that she had just signed a contract with Thuy Nga/Paris By Night Productions, a large ongoing music show popular in the Vietnamese community here, and will be doing shows with them on weekends.

After finishing her summer semester (early August) at Pasadena City college, Tien would have a month off till early November before starting her full semester. In that time, Ya!Entertainment (her company in Vietnam) plans to have her temporarily return to Vietnam. If everything goes smoothly, she would have plenty of time to continue promoting her duet song Tinh Ca ver. 2009/Love Song with Wanbi featuring rapper Chanuri, since it wasn’t very long after the release of the original version of “Tinh Ca” from their album “Chuyện tình vượt thời gian/The Love Story that Surpassed Time” that Tien had to leave. It was only while she was in the States that the remixed version was released dedicated to her departure, therefore Tien and Wanbi never even got a chance to perform it.

She has been here for almost about 3 months now and seems to be adapting just fine.

Anyway, you can catch her on the new PBN DVD: Paris By Night 97 Khiêu Vũ Của Các Ngôi Sao 2/Celebrity Dancing 2

MC: Kỳ Duyên & Nguyễn Văn Thịnh
Ban Giám Khảo: Khánh Ly – Đức Huy – Nguyễn Hưng – Shanda Sawyer

1. Opening: Mai Tiến Dũng & Anya; Hương Thủy & Italo; Kỳ Duyên & Paul
2. Introduction of Judges
3. Tình Yêu – Lưu Bích & Adam (CHACHA)
4. Màu Xanh Tình Yêu – Như Loan & Vadim (SALSA)
5. Đoàn Lữ Nhạc – Hồ Lệ Thu & Rumen (PASODOBLE)
6. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul – Dương Triệu Vũ & Alla (RUMBA)
7. Vết Son Trên Áo – Tú Quyên & Christopher (SWING)
8. Sầu Đông – Trịnh Hội & Thùy Vân (CHACHA)
9. A Time For Us – Nguyệt Anh & Paul (SLOW WALTZ)
10. Kiếp Nghèo – Thanh Tuyền & Tuấn Hùng (TANGO)
11. Tequila – Trần Thu Hà & Italo (SALSA)
12. Bài Ngợi Ca Tình Yêu – Thanh Hà & Christopher (RUMBA)
13. Kim – Thế Sơn & Anya (SWING)
14. Samba Cho Em – Ngọc Anh & Rumen (SAMBA)
15. Tình – Tommy Ngô & Liz (TANGO)
16. Mandolay – Quỳnh Vi & Italo (MAMBO)
17. Hương – Chí Tài & Thùy Vân (HUSTLE – DISCO)
18. Hài Kịch – Việt Hương & Hoài Tâm
19. Mưa Và Em – Bằng Kiều
20. Ướt Lem Chữ Đời – Phi Nhung
21. Hãy Cố Quên – Minh Tuyết
22. Em Đã Cho Tôi Một Lần Đau – Lương Tùng Quang
23. Buồn Không Em? – Mai Thiên Vân
24. Lambada – Tuấn Hùng & Thùy Vân
25. Huế Mù Sương – Quang Lê
26. Có Không Dài Lâu – Tóc Tiên & Diẽm Sương
27. Announcement of Winners

Tien in California: