Trinh Hoi‘s new movie “14 Ngay Phep/14 Days of Vacations” was recently released in VietNam with less than satisfactory reviews.  He recently did an interview and mentioned that his next project will be a play in the United States (similar to his ex-wife).  He does not plan to add acting on his career list since it cannot financially support him at this time; it is only a hobby.  His career, first and foremost, is being a lawyer and he wants to spend more time traveling, reading, and writing.

He also does not want the acting/MC-ing to overshadow his job as a lawyer as he has practiced for more than 10 years.  He even asked the interviewer if he wanted to see his most recent writing [I want to know where].  As for the love life, he is currently single. And as clarification, he was quoted saying that the intimate pictures of him and another girl floating around the internet is not the reason for his divorce [ it only quickens the process].  He doesn’t know if he wants to stay single or end up married, but he did “learn a lot from his first marriage. When asked about regrets he quoted the song “My Way”– “Regrets. I have a few. But then again. Too few to mention”.

“Too few to mention”: ..but the biggest ones are to marry Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, coming to America, becoming an MC, being labeled as a Communist, act in the movie which eventually led to a divorce … wait a minute … is that all?

My two cents: No matter how much he wants to claim that he is a lawyer, his previous work will be overshadowed by all his involvement in the entertainment industry abroad and in VietNam.  It is true that before marrying Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, he was a lawyer fighting for refugee rights in the Phillippines, but no one will remember him for that.  Everyone was excited to see Trinh Hoi when he first started, a fresh Vienamese-Aussie, fighting for refugees abroad.  Now, he is just one of the many ex-husbands of Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen.  In any case, if you are still planning to be a lawyer, call me!  Otherwise, please don’t because I don’t want to babysit you as with Viet Thy babysitting Johnny Tri Nguyen… and we all know how that episode turned out.