Huynh Thanh Tuyen is ready to represent VietNam in Miss Bikini 2009 in China the end of this month.  This is the first time VietNam has sent a representative to the competition.  The show will take place on May 30th.  In the mean time, as of 5/12, Thanh Tuyen is in 5th place according to online polls trailing behind Wales, China, Czech Republic and Autralia.  More over, she will also bring with her an ao dai desgined by ABC Textiles worth $3,000 to donate to in the charity event.  This ao dai has been decorated with Swarovski crystal and was chosen in place of a Buddha painting because Thanh Tuyen wants to bring the image of the traditional dress of VietNam to the international stage.

On a personal note, I have to say that ABC Textile shop is one of the best shop in HCM City.  It is located in the fashion district and is also the company chosen to design the ao dais for Miss World Pageant a few years ago.  I have several dresses made from this shop and I loved it.  Their design is modern, yet staying true to the traditional desgin.  Their selections of fabrics is amazing!  If you don’t want to get your ai dai from there, head down the street to their fabric shop and just buy the fabric, it is definitely worth your time.  I’m glad she went with the ao dai from ABC.

Thanh Tuyen photographed well and it seems like she is ready to make VietNam proud, as seen in the collection just released below: