yumi bao thy

Here’s some fiesty little teen drama for you. Except, Bao Thy isn’t really a valid teen anymore since she’s now in her twenties. But that is very besides the point.

On March 13th, Yumi, from new girl group, Sugar, posted a blog entry onto her yahoo360:


In short, she says that she is currently filming for a Mirinda commercial (with Bao Thy & Quang Vinh) and is playing the bad guy, “Scorpion”. She also says, “There are one or two people I can’t stand .. working with. but whatever, who cares. It’s not like I take care of him/her or anything to not be able to stand them. Afterall, he/she is a ‘jade leaf, gold branch’ (an idiom meaning someone is worth a lot or is precious) ..etc etc.”

Two entries later on March 20th, Yumi says:

yumi 2

“These days, I’ve been really fretty… I don’t even know how to deal with this… let’s just let the manager mediate…since I’m the younger one, I will play the ‘silent one’… since I’m poor, I’m at fault… I’m not the ‘jade leaf, gold branch’.. etc…like you guys (chi=sister)…things are still unclear yet you guys talk this and that about me…everyone knows I’m like that… I’m mad. I also want to cry..”

Now, we can all pretty much assume that this “jade leaf, gold branch” is Bao Thy, although she never directly stated a name, right? I wouldn’t necessarily say let’s jump to conclusions, but I mean, the most eligible person onset with her is no other than Miss Precious Bao Thy. But then again, I could be wrong. Who knows.


Yumi on the set of Mirinda

Anyway, Yumi (real name Dương Diễm My) was born on December 16, 1990. She is a make-up artist, model, actress (for dramas Kính Vạn Hoa/Respecting 10 Thousand Flowers, Nữ sinh/School-girl, Những giấc mơ hồng/Pink Dreams, Sóng đời/Living Life) and MC for SCTV4,VTC9, & Yeah1 TV:


Yumi (left), Takej Minh Huy (middle)

Yumi is also a singer in the 3 member group–Sugar, consisting of her, Sophie, and Annie.


(L-R)Annie, Kinh Lam, Sophie

Sugar have also just released a teaser for their new music video “Những cánh hoa trở về/Return of the Flower Petal” which will feature Kinh Lam and Thien Minh.


DSCF3815kinh lamDSCF3903