It seems that every star has a fan club these days, even Hoai Linh has one that is managed by several 15 years olds.

Having a fan club involves having fan meetings–a chance for your ultimate fans to celebrate the great person that you are.

There’s also the benefit of always having people to celebrate your birthday with as in the case of Wanbi, Bao Thy, and now,  Quang Vinh. Except in Vinh’s case, he was actually doing more giving than receiving.

On May 18th, Quang Vinh celebrated with his fan club at a children’s homeless shelter called Dieu Giac’s House of Love in District 2.  Vinh, dubbed “Prince of Song Birds”, involved his fan club in passing out candies and about 300 stuffed animals to these orphans. These children in turn, sang him Happy Birthday.

Vinh had also recently made news when he booked tickets to travel from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City and then back to Ha Noi again all in one afternoon. Although with an extremely overbooked schedule, Vinh insisted on keeping his promise to perform as scheduled.

And sorry ladies, the “Prince of Song Birds” is flying attached. In other words, the man already has a girlfriend!