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It is not uncommon for the media to “build” their own scandal to attract readers.  For instance, My Tam has complained that the stories posted on many news website on her supposedly “refusal” to act in Dam Vinh Hung‘s “hot” music video is incorrectly written.  She only gave an interview on her busy schedule, but somehow it was quoted that she had “refused” to work with Mr. Dam.  Here’s another classic case of media-generated scandal: Minh Hang versus Ngan Khanh.

I guess as a part of the PR campaign for Music Box‘s new singer, Ngân Khánh, both Zing and Kenh14 posted an interview with the singer on their website, “coincidentally” on the same day.  Both interviews focused on the same questions: Ngan Khanh’s decision to turn from an actress to singer, why she chose Music Box, and last but not least, is she interested in “friendly” competition with Minh Hang who is managed by Thien Thi Productions.

It turns out that Minh Hang and Ngan Khanh had previously attended the same musical training session hosted by Thien Thi Productions.

Minh Hang ended up with Thien Thi while Ngan Khanh went into acting, but is now under Music Box.  Moreover,  both played opposite each other in the drama “Goi Giac Mo Ve/Recalling the Dream.”  Obviously, Zing and Kenh14 had to emphasize this fact.

While in both interviews, Ngan Khanh very courteously said that she does not want the comparision to Minh Hang to hurt their friendship but hopes for it to be a chance for both to grow professionally, Zing and Kenh14 took the chance and pitched the two girls against each other.  Zing titled their interview as “Ngan Khanh : ‘Please Don’t Compare me to Minh Hang’ ” and Kenh14 followed up with “Ngan Khanh Will Compete with Minh Hang.

Kenh14's article "Ngan Khanh will Compete with Minh Hang"

Similar article from Zing title Ngan Khanh:

Similar article from Zing title "Ngan Khanh: 'Please Don't Compare me to Minh Hang' "

So I guess even if the media wants us to pitch these two ladies against each other for some juicy gossip, it seems that there is no drama here.  Just leave it to VietChannel to straighten everything out for you!

She has currently put all acting projects on hold except for the ongoing drama “Eva Thoi Hien Dai/Modern Eva,” where she is the lead.

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