Ngo Kien Huy has finally released the 2 new music videos for his singles “Khong Su Lua Chon/No Choices (Part 1)” and  “Gia Vo Yeu/Pretense Love (Part 2)”  featuring teen idols Sam & Chan Thanh San.

The highly anticipated Love Triangle turned out to be a little more disappointing than I quite expected for the plot is simply: Boy meets girl, boy and girl falls in love, girl meets richer boy, girl leaves old boy for new boy with convertible. Where is the spice, the drama, the ambulances and po-pos?? I mean….she just up and left…and he just watched! -_________-

But anyway, the video did have something unexpected. Little miss Sam decided to take a stab at the song and might I say, she sang quite nicely for a non singer….even if it was for like, 10 seconds.  You can check out the video below:

(Both songs are in 1 video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.