Yes, I know they are not all wearing the SAME wedding dress, but hey… they are all wearing wedding dresses.

Anyway, I’m assuming that everyone is already familiar with our lovely Hien Thuc right? If not, then in short, she is a very popular and talented singer in Vietnam. Like other popular singers–May Trang Quang Vinh, Mat Ngoc, etc, her career started with the infamous Thế Hệ Trẻ productions from Nha Thieu Nhi District 1 way back when. She is also a single mother–the epitome of : “Gái một con trông mòn con mắt” :).

On the other hand, Hoàng Diệp was voted Most Popular in Miss VietNam 2008. After not winning Miss VietNam despite being most voted from the audience, Hoàng Diệp had openly criticized Thuy Dung (Miss VietNam 2008) for being a “C-class model, no skills, no specialty, and bad skin.”  There was a big scandal that Thuy Dung had bought her title and dramas behind her scene during the competition.  It happens that Hoàng Diệp is the most vocal about the situation.  She has since became quite popular at many catwalks and is happily dating a businessman.

Last but not least, we have our Vietnamese representative for Miss World 2008–Duong Truong Thien Ly. Before entering this competition, Ly was the second runner-up in the Miss Vietnam 2008 where singer Thuy Lam took home the crown and Vo Hoang Yen took 1st runner-up. Although Ly didn’t make it to the top 15, she did bring home the “People’s Choice Award” as well as “Lady with the Longest Drive” in a golf game during the pageant. Lol.

So it has finally come down to the most important question: