This boy has caught my eyes since the days of “Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc/Suddenly I Want to Cry.”  For some reason, his role as Luong Manh Hai’s nasty sidekick really sparked my interest.  My instinct proved to be correct when he was chosen to star in “Hot Kiss 2/ Giải Cứu Thần Chết” with Minh Hang.  Since then, his name as well as his group A#/La Thăng (with Minh Tuan who also appeared in “Suddenly I Want to Cry”) have suddenly  appeared everywhere.

The group will be performing in the summer tour with Minh Hang featuring many international artist, but that’s not the story.

Recently, his behind-the-scene pictures from the drama “Bong Dung Muon Khoc” posted on his 360blog,  have been circulating on the internet. one in particular show the two members of A# in swimming “trunks” and not too embarrassed about changing side by side.  It happens that my sister and I saw these pictures on his blog months ago; she squealed and followed with “he’s so gay.”  Obviously, netizens out there thought the same.

This is the image in question (Speedos and undies are 2 completely different article of clothing)

Well, sorry to all the guys out there, he is not gay. Thien had flat out said in an interview that though he respects people’s preferences, he does not want to be the object of their affection.  He also denies that he posted these pictures to create such scandal for himself.

This, I believe and can attest to that because he has posted them long before.  It just so happens that netizens have blown these pictures way out of proportion since his popularity rose with “Hot Kiss 2.”  So no fear ladies, Chi Thien is back on the market!

Anyway, he’s a cutie and I can see some potential in him only if he continues to work on his acting and buff himself up a little. Boy’s a little scrawny looking… >.<

Here’s A# Band in a recent shoot from Kenh14: