I don’t know if it all started with Đông Nhi‘s article in 2! Magazine where she graced the cover as “The Michie Torres of Vpop”, but it might as well be the tip of the iceberg for another teenage star drama.  Thien Thi Productions versus Tim, Thanh Thao versus Tu Minh Hy, and now Dong Nhi versus NewGen in the war of words

Round 1: Đông Nhi

"Dong Nhi Da Tung Bi Tu Choi"

"Nguoi Bi Tu Choi"

In the article for the last issue of 2! Magazine headlined “Dong Nhi had once been rejected”, Đông Nhi claims that NewGen did not choose to promote her due to her “so-so” looks and just an “okay” voice.  Instead NewGen chose to promote Khổng Tú Quỳnh.  Moreover, the drama exploded over the song ĐôngNhi had written called “Chàng Baby Milo.” Nhi claims that NewGen had published the song under someone else’s name and only paid her 5 million VND ($330) rather the 30 milllion VND ($2,000) as promised by NewGen represented by Thảo Minh Châu aka Châu Xinh.

Round 2: Châu Xinh


Dong Nhi at Chau Xinh's birthday party

Of course NewGen‘s rep Châu Xinh claims otherwise.  NewGen claims that at the time, Khổng Tú Quỳnh was a better person to promote the name “cô bé dâu tây/strawberry girl” (Strawberry Shortcake cartoon character?) and showed paperwork to prove that they had paid Đông Nhi fairly.  NewGen blasted off at Đông Nhi for publishing the article and rejected the chance to settle this ordeal in a friendlier matter. Đông Nhi replied that she does not want any drama and will not comment on the matter.

Round 3: Đằng Phương

Instead of Đông Nhi, her manager/songwriter Đằng Phương took it upon himself to fire back at NewGen with documentations proving that NewGen did indeed list Châu Xinh as the composer of “Chàng Baby Milo” and NOT Đông Nhi.  As for the money, Đằng Phương also publicly revealed his own paperwork to prove that he and Đông Nhi have not received the 30 million as promised.


Finale: Khổng Tú Quỳnh


bestfriends Dong Nhi & Khong Tu Quynh

Khổng Tú Quỳnh, who is not involved in this ordeal, says, despite this ordeal, they are still close friends. Khổng Tú Quỳnh says this is between Nhi and NewGen and it has no affect on the relationship as artists between her and Nhi.  Both even posed together in a recent show “Giao Điệu Kết Nối/Connect through Melody.”  Đông Nhi has not said anything ever since.

Artist management is a new field in VietNam’s entertainment industry.  For the old folks who have been around before the term “Vpop” was coined, the teens (xi-teen) market is relative new.  However, it is the hottest market in VietNam right now.  As a result, everyone is jumping in to find the next BIG teenage star.  With so many management companies created by songwriters, singers, producers, etc…if you can’t find the “love” in one company, you can certainly find someone else who is willing to invest in you as their exclusive artist.  And that’s when these breach in contract begins, which is good because a scandal is better than no scandal at all!.