Venus Model Management held a Gala celebrating the company’s 2nd anniversary.  It was a night attended by over 200 models.  Even without the presence of any singers, the show had musical performances, catwalks, and fundraising event all featuring models.  The long list of attendees include Thùy Dung, Vũ Thu Phương, Như Thảo, Minh Triệu, Thúy Diễm, siêu mẫu Hà Anh, Thái Hà, Ngọc Trinh… and male models like Anh Tuấn, Quang Thịnh, Hoàng Giáp, Vĩnh Thụy, Doãn Tuấn, Hoàng Anh, Hải Anh…, and international stars like Miss Thailand 2007 Farung Yuthithum, Thailand model Rita, etc.

There were awards given for the title of “Nữ Hoàng Của Đêm/Queen of the Night” for those who participated in the catwalk and for those who were in audience.  Catwalk Queen of the Night went to model Vũ Thu Phương and the Audience Queen of the Night went to actress Trương Ngọc Ánh.

The night also included an auction to raise money for Orange Carers.  The spoke person for the organization, super model Hà Anh, with her English skill, raised a total of $8,500 USD for a pair of 5,500-Swarovki studded  Gostco shoe which sold for $6,000 USD and an autographed photo titled “VietNamese Models” was also auctioned off for $2,500 USD.

Hà Anh auctioning shoes

And of course, the night also had its share of scandals.  There was a power outage as a trans-gender model dressing as Hồ Ngọc Hà walked on stage.  And of course, Trương Tri Trúc Diễm’s musical performance which had a little “costume malfunction” as well as an “equipment malfunction” where her music got cut off at the end. Other than that, it was an overall successful event.

Now for the rest of the pictures of the star-studded event: