As we’ve posted before, on May 15th, Quang Vinh and his Saigon fanclub celebrated his birthday by visiting the children’s orphanage and donating gifts.


What you don’t know is that six days later (May 21), the Prince of Songbirds flew up to HaNoi to actually celebrate his birthday once more with his HaNoi Fanclub. But the event wasn’t limited to just HaNoi-ians for fans from Quảng Ninh, Hải Phòng, Nghệ An, and other cities of Vietnam also showed up.With this, Vinh recieved just about a dozen birthday cakes in one day.


But wait, there’s more. Two days later (May 23rd), Vinh flew out to Hai Phong to celebrate his birthday again! Oh and he also got another cake, but by now its a little hard to keep count, so screw it.

And we actually thought Wanbi had too many cakes…. o.O


Pictures from Quang Vinh’s blog