It has been confirmed. The mysterious blurred out face from the first few teasers of “Song Yen the Movie” is singer Thien Minh afterall.

But that came as no surprise. Fans with keen eyes have been right on the dot ever since the first blurred out picture was released. I mean, the figure’s resemblance was just too uncanny.

I guess they weren’t as keen to point out the poster’s error: “Hot summer 2009…FIRTS (?!) love story…begins”.

Also, since this is the first time Thien Minh and Song Yen are joining forces, many fans are already speculating the outcome of  this love triangle.

Seeee, the last time I was excited over a love triangle noone died. But that’s ok. The last thing I’d want is a Korean drama anyway. 🙂

This mini movie, in reference to music, will premier on June 12, 2009.