Despite the fact that Minh Hang‘s face has bombarded the media as the Minh Minh in “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc/Full House,”  and Vu Ngoc Dang has stated that Tang Thanh Ha will ONLY “guest star,”  everyone can’t help but repeating the same question “Why is Tang Thanh Ha not part of the cast of Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc?

Who can blame them? The dream team Vu Ngoc Dang, Luong Manh Hai, and Tang Thanh Ha have been ingrained in our heads.  So once again as an attempt to clear up the reason why Ha is not part of “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc,” Vu Ngoc Dang has put up three main reasons:

1. Ha will be graduating from RMIT this year, so she has to focus on her studying.

2. There will be more chances for the three to work together in the future.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Ha will be involved in his new project, yet to be announced

On Tang Thanh Ha‘s side, she admits that she has an extremely busy schedule, and that she wants to participate in more artistic movies.  She will be involved in a short series where, hopefully, her character will really interest the audience.

Behind the scene of Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc
Behind the scene of Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc

AND once again, the two have denied rumors that there is conflict between them.

In my opinion, this question arises because the audience does not have faith in Minh Hang as the main female lead, and I am going to go out on a limb to say that they do not have the faith that even Luong Manh Hai can carry this series.  The truth is that the success of “Bong Dung Muon Khoc/Suddenly I Want to Cry” was because of Tang Thanh Ha and even though I have not watched “Dep Tung Centimet/Beautiful by Every Centimeter,” it seems that she carries that movie as well.  As a result, despite all the media’s hype over “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc,” the real question here is “Can the series be successful without Tang Thanh Ha?”