Just in case you guys didn’t know what a Miss Tiffany is, it’s a famous Thai pageant for transvestites.

Ouch. What’s worse than being called ugly, is being told you look like a transvestite…

But no worries, it was all out of constructive criticism.

Ines Ligron is a famous contestant trainer for beauty pageants in Japan; Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori was her student. To me, she is  the most interesting and most vocal among all the pageant directors in the world. Not to mention she’s also a very good source of beauty pageant news and gossips. Anything that comes out from her mouth makes headlines.

In a recent interview, Ligron gave comments on some outstanding faces at the upcoming Miss Universe 2009, including Vietnam’s Hoang Yen.

More specifically, she said: “Vo Hoang Yen is very special but she needs to try to become finer. I have seen many photos of her. She looks like a beautiful Miss Tiffany to me sometimes. Hoang Yen is a beautiful girl but she has to quickly build her own style. I wish her the best because I expect success for Asian girls. Good luck to Vietnam! Meilleurs voeux le Vietnam”

Yen said she was not upset by Ligron’s comment because the comment was correct and frank, and not easy to recognize.

“There are some photos of me on the Internet in which I was captured at angles that make me look quite husky. I will learn from them for my next photo shows,” Yen said.

The Performance Art Agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism hasn’t received an invitation letter from the Miss Universe 2009 organizing board so it hasn’t yet approved Hoang Yen’s participation. However, Yen is preparing for the event by taking a training course at the John Roberts Powers School.

Personally, I think Vo Hoang Yen is beautiful, but it is true that those over photoshopped/overmake-upped (is this even a word?) photos of her floating around online aren’t so flattering. However I have also seen many photos of her without/few makeup on in normal life and she’s definitely a natural beauty. See for yourself:

Pictures: Yen’s I-Pro.