I definitely did not have high expectations for this song at all……but maybe I should have.

The lyrics are actually very out of the norm (in a good way of course) and the group’s harmony sounds wonderful.

The video, itself, is  also quite creative despite its low budget which turns out to be a compilation of photos telling a story based on the Vietnamese Folklore: Legend of Hoa Bồ Công Anh (Dandelion Petals)  or Legend of Răng Sư Tử (Lion’s Teeth–representing the bud of the stem that holds onto the petals).

And since I’m of fan of Vietnamese folklores, you know what that means. STOoOoRY TIME :)!

The legend is of Rang Su Tu (the stem) whose love is the beautiful Bo Cong Anh (the petals). When Summer came, all the yellow flowers in the field changed out of their yellow dresses and into a white cotton soft dress instead. Rang Su Tu admired Bo Cong Anh’s beauty and their love continued to grow.

One day, a strong and exciting third wheel by the name of “Wind” blew in and swept all the pretty little flowers off their feet. “Wind” was very charming and alluring so as he flew by playing his little tune on the flute, even the trees swayed for him in admiration.

Bo Cong Anh was no exception. When he passed by the field, Bo Cong Anh let herself go to the wind. She wanted the wind to cherish each fiber of her soft petals.

Rang Su Tu was heartbroken when Bo Cong Anh left with the wind. Out of wishful thinking, he threw his green arms out to keep Bo Cong Anh from leaving but it was too late; Bo Cong Anh had already clung to the Wind.

But Wind wasn’t the settling type because he was the son of “Adventure” and “Risk”. The peaceful field was not the place for him. Bo Cong Anh tried holding on to “Wind” but it was no use, for he kept blowing so coldly. Bo Cong Anh had no choice but to let go.

Since then, it has been told that as many farmers pass by these fields, they could hear Rang Su Tu’s whispers, asking the wind where he had blown Bo Cong Anh off to. “How is she doing at that place?” he would ask, but Wind would remain silent.

Because he could not take her on his journey forever, Bo cong Anh fell off during the journey and planted herself in the ground to “start over”. With this, Bo Cong Anh named all her offsprings after “Răng Sư Tử”.

“Trees/Stems will have flowers/petals, but they cannot keep them forever for these petals will always lean towards the wind/adventure. Wind on the other only loves the journey and cannot hold tight. Only when the wind stops blowing, do these petals realize that their origin is with the stem.”

There’s supposed to be a moral in there somewhere…

Anyway, here’s the video:

And here’s the Teaser in case you guys missed it earlier:

Anddddd just because you guys deserve it (we’ve finally peaked at 2000 views per day!), here’s a few funny behind-the-scene shots: (Lol)