This rumor has been circulating around before their liveshow “Night of  9,” before May Trang delayed their release of their vol. 6 CD, and maybe even before Ngoc Chau got married.  Now that everything is over, and their Vol 6 “Nhớ/Remember” is released, fans were nervous when they received a disconnected message from the group’s main contact number.  Is this the end of May Trang?

Well, not really, it turns out that after 9 years of hard work, May Trang only took a mini break.  As for the leader, Thu Ngoc, she took a one week vacation to Hong Kong and returned recently to prepare for their appearance in My Tam’s Charity show on June 6 at Ho Chi Minh Musical Hall.  So in short, no, they are not breaking up!

Afterall, their latest single from the album is doing pretty well. Although only #24 on Zing’s May music chart, it definitely is a very wonderful song (not to mention very catchy also).

Composer: Anh Duy MCM

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here are some photos from their latest Album, “Nho/Remember”