So it’s not a clothing malfunction afterall , according to Truc DiemThe dress designed by Hoai Sang is actually a “skort” (skirt + short underneath).  As a result, the pictures actually showed the same color short that was part of the dress, which means there was no clothing malfunction as everyone assumes.  Too bad.

Truc Diem, originally Miss Earth, has now taken up the stage name of Baby J.  The J came from the word Jessica, her English name.  She hopes the name helps foreigners to remember her and create another identity besides Miss Earth Truc Diem, she is now the singer Baby J.

As her debut, she took the task of covering two Britney Spears song, one of which is “Crazy,” to which she says fits her as a singer.  She also showed off her dance routine while recovering from a broken toe and bragged about only practicing the routine for 10 days– 1 hour each day.

So now we have, yet, another model turned singer, sparked by a semi-scandalous event, with an ear-catching name.  Let’s welcome Baby J to the industry!