The multi-talented Mỹ Tâm tries out her new role as an MC (with Anh Quan) for a musical program called “Âm Nhạc Của Tôi/My Music.”  After releasing her new DVD “Sóng Đa Tần/To the Beat” in April, she has been absent in musical programs. 

However, she returns as the MC for “Âm Nhạc Của Tôi/My Music” where the theme is dance, R&B, and Hip Hop.  The recent show included artists like Phương Anh, Phan Đinh Tùng, Trà My Idol, Duyên Anh Idol, Liêu Anh Tuấn, La Thăng (A#) Band, The Men Group, etc … Đoan Trang and Cao Thái Sơn, also showed off their dance moves on stage.

My Tam looked gorgeous as always and she even returned to her roots by performing in the show.


Lately, she has been pretty busy.  Not only did she become a business mogul with her line of perfume and soap, she has  also been rumored to start her own training center for young singers.  Her foundation (My Tam Foundation) has also been involved in many charity events.  The latest one is a musical charity show at the Ho Chi Minh Musical Hall on June 6, 2009.

Source: As shown in pictures