The 4th set of pictures for TAAN’s charity fund is released and this time, featuring “hotgirl” Mi Van.

When you were young, your smile is most sincere and innocent. I think this is what everyone should try to preserve. As for the less fortunate children who less often gets to really and truly smile, like  those victimized by AIDs who live knowing that their life is much shorter than everyone else’s, we should put in a helping hand so that they still at least have their own laughters for as long as possible. And with this comes the main message of the photoshoot: Protect the children’s smiles and smile the way you did as a child.

Mi Van is a popular 360blogger turned popular teen model and for a split second turned singer with Thien Minh‘s duet song “Lời hứa Tình Yêu/Love Promise” . But because of her weak voice, the song did not catch much interest.  Despite its flop, Mi Van is still as popular as ever with her varying images– from cute, to mysterious, to sexy.

Van became an even hotter topic when she was featured as the main female actress in Wanbi‘s “Doi Mat/Pair of Eyes” and “Loving U” music videos.

Currently, her latest project is as a female lead actress in a new music video titled Mây/Cloud” by (I think) Tùng Dương .

Anyway, here are the pictures:

1. [K]ool Update

2.Charity Fund Series 1

3.Charity Fund Series 2

4. Charity Fund Series 3