I guess so.

One of the most recent song composed by him called “Ngu Ngon/SleepWell” sang by Phuong Trinh ft. Hoang Rapper has been doing exceptionally well, taking #4 on Zing’s May music chart until yesterday where Wanbi‘s “Tinh Yeu Toi Hat/I Sing of Love” literally jumped up to 1st place from nowhere, dethroning Triệu Hoàng’s Buông Xuôi/Letting Go which has been #1 for quite some time. But that’s a different story.

Ngu Ngon/Sleep Well” is now #5. Still not bad at all. Tonny also composed Quang Vinh’s “Banh Kem Ngot/Sweet Cake“, #16 on the same chart. Actually, he composes alot, so there would be no use in me mentioning every song. I suppose ya’ll get the point..

Who knew this half Russian B-boy had it in him to actually do anything other than breakdance and look cold.

Anyway, this is me granting some VietChannel-ers their requests for more info on this mysterious “Tonny“. Aren’t I just super-dee-duper? Lol. No really.

Artist Profile:

Fullname: Tonny Bui Viet
Ethnicity: Father is Vietnamese, mother is Russian.
Nickname: Tonny xau xi/Ugly Tonny
Birthday: August 31, 1987
Resident: 88 Tân Sơn Hòa, P2, District TB, TP HCM (Woah now girls, don’t go stalking him or anything)
Management: exclusive artist under company Melody of Life (HCM city)
Likes: “Breakdance, karaoke, watching movies, challenging things, being able to frankly contribute, cracking jokes, laughing, taking care of my girlfriend (if I had one) and…spending money. *laughs*…”
Dislikes: Fake people/Lies
Talents/Abilities: “Singing, dancing, playing the organ, guitar… (& super good at sleeping, *laughs again*)”

Tonny is an aspiring artist who wants to especially be recognized for his dancing. He wants to be a  famous dancer, singer, and model. To persue his dreams, he made a big move from Ha Noi down south to Ho Chi Minh City on February 2007 without finishing his junior year.

With neither friends nor family there, Tonny came to the big city with literally nothing. By chance, he met a fellow dancer also from HaNoi who got him a job as a referee for hiphop shows and later made his big break as the main actor in Thu Thuy‘s “Think Of You” music video. In December 2007, Tonny met female singer Truc Duy who had many musical similarities to his own (R&B/Hiphop) and offically debuted with the duet “Danh Quen/Resigningly Forget” which was pretty well recieved.

After that, the boy with the “cold” image was casted as Andre, who was much like that of his own character, in Kenh14’s online story series “Mui Ten Cau Vong“.


Tonny’s “cold” image was even more befitting since his hit duet song with Khong Tu Quynh entitled “Lanh/Cold“. And by “hit”, it has ranked #1 on many music charts and was also most requested in many Vietnamese music shows. News of the song also flooded almost all Vietnamese music forums. The song became so popular that a remixed version “Lanh 2” (composed by Tonny) was released.


2 years prior to his debut, Tonny had already been active in the “entertaining” sector, most notably as a member of breakdancing group Big Toe and then eventually Big South. He then became a a dance teacher and choreaographer for many popular singers in HaNoi.

Currently, Tonny’s family lives in Russia, but he stays in HCM city. Tonny reveals that near the end of this year, he will hopefully release his first album if everything goes as planned.

Trivia: Tonny was born and raised in Hai Duong,VN where he attended high school in class A2. In his class, there were only 2 guys including himself; the rest were girls.

Oh lord, that has got to be my first biography of anyone ever. Ok, besides Jacqueline Kennedy, but she was boring, and mandetory.

Ps: Here are some videos.

Tonny’s solo practice:

Tonny’s BigSouth dancecrew: