Yea, yea…what’s VietChannel without “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” right? I just hope they know they that too much hype usually end in dissapointment. But Let’s all keep our fingers crossed on that one.


001 (6)

"I'll give you a penny if you put on a shirt," Minh Minh offered nearly blinded by Vương Hoàng's practically glow-in-the-dark chest.

001 (7)

Wait for itt....

001 (8)

In! Hey, he deserved it. I mean, have you seen homeboy's hair!?

001 (2)

And so Minh Minh looked at Vương Hoàng's hair and said, "This is why I kicked you in the pool."

001 (3)

Vương Hoàng suddenly became speechless. The End.