On the latest segment of “The Gioi Vpop”, episode XIV, Vietnamese pop diva Ho Quynh Huong announced that she will be taking part in a Korean production. This action-flick, whose name is yet to be revealed, is planned to hit theaters early 2010. No other news is given except that in the movie, Huong will play a pretty tough role:

Ho Quynh Huong, has won a Golden Cup at the International Pyongyang Spring Music Festival (2004) as well as many other awards at home .

Up to date, she has had six albums, including “Make my way in the world”, “A sweet day”, “Star of love”, “14M- 2222”, “Nonstop”, “Diamond Noir”, and most recently “Nang Luc/Energy“.

In August of 2008, a music gala was held to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics, gathering many world stars, in which Ho Quynh Huong was the only Vietnamese pop star attending. As soon as she came back from Beijing, Huong immediately flew to Seoul, S. Korea  to join other leading singers from other Asian countries in the fifth Asian Music Festival on October 4 held in the World Cup Stadium.

When asked if she was trying to enter the Korean market, Huong replied “Eventually. But before that I will be entering Beijing, China first”. Her album “Energy” will also be published in China, Korea and Singapore.

Personally, I have never really been a fan, but my favorite song from her is the ballad “Voi Anh Em Van La Co Be/To You I’m Still a Little Girl” composed by Luong Bang Quang, who is also a famous star in VietNam. This was also one of her most recognized hit singles. If you were anywhere in the country last year, chances are, you’ve probably heard it before. Especially if you were hanging around  anyone with a karaoke set…which would be just about everyone in VietNam.

But anyway, enjoy: (This is only a fanmade video, there was not a music video for this song.)

And here are some of her promotional pictures in China: