Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. and cultural constructs, evidently.

You all have probably heard of the ideal beauty and what the general standards of each features are right? And I don’t just mean that according to the golden mask ratio.

For example, the stereotypical Asians would want pale skin, big eyes, small noses & a high bridge, etc etc. Likewise, the “Hill People” (aka Pa Dong Karen) like their women with tall necks.

Well, did you know our little Miss Sam here holds the Vietnamese standards for a “perfect mouth” ? To be more specific, the Vietnamese media have labeled her the girl famous for her “molded mouth”. That is just too strange. I never completely understood what was so special about this girl other than that she’s cute and the media loves her (and since we ARE the media, that would only make sense). Well, at least now we have a hint as to why she’s such a successful  teenmodel. So there we have it. Yet another  guideline to refer to in today’s aesthical society…

But then again, beauty is just one thing we’ll never exactly be able to decipher no matter how  much research is put into it. And for that I am glad.

In the meantime here is Sam, Angella, & Baggio (“GiaiCuu Than Chet/Hot Kiss 2”) promoting P&T Mobile‘s latest model. (I bet you all will just stare at her mouth now. Lol)