Its baffles me to see how Vietnamese people are still so in love with 60’s, 70’s English music. Now and then, I would hear my dad jammin’ to Boney M and uhhh, I love the oldies too, but “now and then” is just too often for my poor ears.

Here’s another prime example of how VietNam is just too stuck in the past. The Beatels, a tribute band for the Beatles, is STILL in VietNam for their tour “Hồi ức The Beatles/Reminiscing the Beatles” since the last time we’ve reported this. As if the whole tribute concept wasn’t weird enough, the concert sold extremely well.

And again, Quynh Nga, aka “Cá sấu chúa” (a nickname given to her since her role–Vu Vu– in “Lập trình cho trái tim/Love Thesis” used the screename “Ca Sau Chua/Alligator God” to chat) was the lovely MC.


Although this was her 2nd time hosting a show (first time was also for the Beatels) the “Alligator God” was still pretty nervous. She was reportedly “asking strange questions and was điệu (giving oneself fine airs).” But because of her drama’s popularity,  Quynh Nga’s appearance as an MC sparked many people’s interest to come.