I know most of you guys proababy dont even have any idea what a yahoo360 is, and that’s cool too. You can just completely disregard the following :).

Over the past two years there has been a lot of discussion about the closure of Yahoo! 360° and the transition to their new profiles experience that they have had in the works (Yahoo360 Plus I think). And now, the bomb has finally been dropped. On May 29th, Vũ Minh Trí, the President of Yahoo Việt Nam had officially announced that on July 13, 2009, Yahoo! 360° will be closing down.

Why is Yahoo! 360 closing?

Though 360 gained a strong core of loyal users (you) who enjoyed the service, Yahoo! has been reprioritizing some products to help us deliver the best possible experiences to consumers. The decision to close Yahoo! 360 and transition users to profiles is part of this larger strategy, but we had been waiting until we had an alternative solution that we could offer to our community of Yahoo! 360 users until we officially shut down 360.

I’m not hyperventilating or anything. I mean, Noo Phuoc Thinh actually commented me the other day…..and Tuong Vy actually gave me some news… and ughh*keyboard slams* I’ve FINALLY just gotten the hang of Yahoo360 and now they’re closing it down?! I’m going to go sit down and meditate now.



Ok, just kidding…but just so you guys know, 70 % of the news we get are from these Yahoo360 Blogs.  That means, all these stars are relocating to other networking servers (mostly Facebook). It just won’t be the same.

Ever since “internet” became popularized in 2006-ish with those Internet cafes, these 360 pages have congested these computers in VietNam. Yahoo360 was practically part of VietNam’s high-tech history. Oh the sorrows.