Filmed in the style of a sitcom, “Bộ Tứ 10A8/The Four of 10A8” is the second television drama from the young female director Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp (her first was “Chit and Pi“). This 260 episodes series will address problems in the the 9x generation like family, school, relationship etc…  It will be aired every Monday on VTV3.

The series features mainly teens, besides Tang Nhat Tue, all are drama first timers.  The four main characters are:

Thuy Anh (an 8th grader at Marie Curie)- plays  Phan Linh, the good girl/student with the perfect family.  She is clumsy and full of imagination.  Her brother is Do Do, played by Tang Nhat Tue who oftens pick on her.  At school she is bullied by a girl named Hong My.

Mai Chi – plays La La. The name says it all. She is forgetful and childish.  Phan Linh and Mai Lam’s best friend. She is an aspiring fashion designer; hates Hong My & her crew and also admires Minh Hoang.

Duong Duong – plays Mai Lam, a tomboy, Phan Linh and La La’s best friend.  She is the mediator for La La and Hong My

Tang Nhat Tue – Đô Đô, the older brother of Phan Linh; likes money/greedy, has a way with words, & very competitive. His role will be very comedic. Tue will write many of the songs for the series

Veterans Chieu Xuan and Duc Khue will play the very understanding parents of Pham Linh and Do Do.

Moreover, X3.14 will perform the main themesong for the show.  I wonder if this is planning to compete with Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang/White shirted Angels.

Here is the trailer: