Apparently, this is the first time that Phuong Thanh celebrated her correct birthday.

For the past 35 years, she has been celebrating her birthday on April 27, the date on her birth certificate.  It turns out that April 27 is actually the lunar date, according to the solar calendar for that year, she was actually born on May 29.  So to celebrate this momentous event, she celebrated with a big party.

Phuong Thanh, aka Chanh/Miss Lemon, celebrates her 36th birthday with fans and friends at Phong Tra Khong Ten/No Name Music Room.  Guests includes Siu Black, Hong Nhung, Tien Dat, Quang Ha, and many fans.  The show did not start until 12:30, but at 11:00, the room was filled with fans, which made Phuong Thanh teary eyed.

Phuong Thanh with Siu Black, Hong Nhung, and Tien Dat

Phuong Thanh with Siu Black, Hong Nhung, and Tien Dat

This has been her big year as she steps into many comedic roles on the big screen as well as the little screen.  She is a diamond in the rough compared to other singers of her time.  Thanh started off in the business as just an okay-looking singer with a powerful, but untrained voice who then made major news when she became the unmarried single mother.

Here are some pictures from the event: