Sorry to dissapoint, but no, this is nothing “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc” related.

Except.. it might as well be since the following story told by Thuy Tien will definitely confirm her spot in the drama as the antagonistic third wheel.  There just isn’t a better person for this role.

When I was still in school, there was this girl in my class that sung really well. At school functions and stuff, she always won first place for singing so she was pretty popular. I guess she would be called the “hotgirl” of our school if it was today. We’ve never hung out or anything even though we were in the same class.

One time, our school had a concert, but because my mom never lets me participate in these show things,  I didn’t really care much for it. Except this time, my friends were persuading really hard for me to join so I was like what the heck, it’s not like my mom would find out. I signed up for it and somehow ended up in the final round and eventually took first place while the “hotgirl” got third place.

The next day, she was angry and pretty much verbally attacked me. I was really mad because this girl was calling me names for no reason. At that time, I was sitting in the front of the class. I got up, darted straight for the back of the room and gave her a slap to remember for life.

Fortunately the rest of our class held us back or this catfight would’ve been a great war.

Now that I’m looking back at this, I was actually a pretty fierce person. Haha