trieu hoang

And I mean who doesn’t? o.O

Trieu Hoang whose music genre consists of mainly Alternative Rock, is currently working on his Vol. 7 DVD album. In it will be 9 songs, each with its own music video. Hoang says that his approach is not to just promote one song at a time, but to push hard for all 9 equally. He also reveals that each video will have a story of its own and will feature a new actress for each clip.

The story to these videos were written by Hoang himself so therefore it would only make sense that he handpicks who the main actress will be. So far, the 4 names Hoang has given all have a “hotgirl” background:  Miss Teen 08 – Huyền Trang, Miss YAN (Yeu Am Nhac/Love Music) 08–Hoàng Hương Nguyên, 1st place Teen Pro – Xuân Hương aka GreenCry (also in “Mui Ten Cau Vong”) , and Miss Hot VTeen 07–Dang Thi My Dung aka Midu.


(L-R) Xuan Huong, Huyen Trang, Huong Nguyen, Midu

Hoang has already publicly released the first of the 9 songs online featuring Midu about 2 months ago. To simply put it…viewers were surprised. Knowing Midu to be the perfect little miss beauty AND brains, without a scandal to her name, much speculation of her image arose after seeing Hoang getting all up on her. Except not really. Since I’m under the influence of my Western environment, it’s going to definitely take more than just a few seconds of “almost” doing the nasties for me to even notice. These netizens need to chillax.

Anyway the song is titled “Giac Mo/Dream” and here eet eezz:

According to Kenh14, Midu have always turned down other offers to feature in music videos but agreed to this one because she liked the overall plot. Hoang said he picked her for the role because she’s smart and would not agree to something that had no substance. My 2cents is because “someone” had to look good in it but I mean, ahaha that works too…………. Nahh, I kidd. I actually love this man. Well, more like his music but I guess they go hand in hand.

Hoang has also been filming for the second song since Valentine’s Day so I’m guessing it should just about be finished. Whether he will also release that one before the DVD comes out or not is still in question (or at least it is to me).

Filming with Huyen Trang

Valentine's Day photoshoot (probabaly PR for the "Yeu" duet)

performing "Yeu"

Performing new romantic duet titled "Yeu/Love"

Hoang have also just released the mp3 hit song “Buon Xuoi/Letting Go” in which Huyen Trang will be the actress for its video.


Oh look, someone will die... Wonder who.

There is no set date for the album’s release. Just sometime soon…..(Gee doesn’t that sound familiar? coughcoughphuongvy)